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Title Services of Illinois & Wisconsin

    About Us

    Since 1990 we have specialized in mechanic's lien laws and titles for abandoned vehicles such as: Unclaimed vehicles, including cars and trucks,Unclaimed boats and personal watercraft (PWC),Unclaimed motorcycles and ATV's,UnclaimedTrailer & RV's,Unclaimed horses, We help you acquire legal ownership of abandoned horses. We are your Most Trusted Source for Titles for Unclaimed and Abandoned Vehicles in Illinois and Wisconsin. Website:
    Contact Us:
    Address: P.O. Box 5399, Woodridge, IL 60517, USA
    Phone: 630-527-7094

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    Business & Professional Services, Abandoned Vehicles, Business & Professional Services Woodridge, Abandoned Vehicles Woodridge

    Title Services of Illinois & Wisconsin - Woodridge - Syddanmark -

P.O. Box 5399, Woodridge, IL 60517, USA
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Title Services of Illinois & WisconsinP.O. Box 5399, Woodridge, IL 60517, USAWoodridgeSyddanmark
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